Rams History Trail >> 107th Cavalry Armory

107th Cavalry Armory

Where: 107th Cavalry Armory

Why: Site of the Cleveland Rams’ practices the week before they won the 1945 NFL championship.

: Fairhill Place Apartments at the corner of Fairhill and Kemper roads in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

What: The weather was so cold and snowy leading up to the 1945 NFL championship game that the Rams had to set up camp in this brick-and-steel, two-story armory in suburban Shaker Heights in order to conduct their practices. “How do you like this spot?” star quarterback Bob Waterfield was asked by a newspaper reporter. “Can’t kick,” the always-laconic Waterfield replied, “but, otherwise, it’s all right.”

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One thought on “Rams History Trail >> 107th Cavalry Armory

  1. The Shaker Armory building is STILL there……..no apartments are there……just in front of it to the east or on Kemper Road


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