“Rams” Podcast Interview Traces Rise and Fall of Bob Waterfield

From a scrapbook kept by Bob Waterfield’s mother. In September 1945 Cleveland sports fans were thrilled to have two superstars named Bob. Note the headline at bottom regarding Rams head coach Adam Walsh’s fear his team might not be ready for a run to the NFL championship. It proved to be unfounded. (Buck Waterfield Collection)

The story of the Cleveland Rams might be deservedly obscure if not for the franchise’s signing of quarterback Bob Waterfield in 1945 and the team’s NFL championship that fall. If you’re a podcast fan you’ll want to spend a fast-moving hour with Cleveland Rams author Jim Sulecki and “Sports’ Forgotten Heroes” host Warren Rogan as they trace the career arc of Waterfield, one of the best all-around athletes ever to play in the NFL.



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