Rams History Trail >> Hotel Carter

Cleveland Rams Hotel Carter

Where: Hotel Carter

Why: The only public celebration of the Rams’ unexpected success in Cleveland was held in this hotel’s swanky Rainbow Room, whose chef at one time was Ettore “Hector” Boiardi—later immortalized as “Chef Boyardee.”

Now: The building is still remarkably intact at 1012 Prospect Avenue in Cleveland, though known now as Winton Manor, an apartment building for seniors.

What: It was December 12, 1945—snowy in Cleveland, and bitter cold—and precisely one month later the Rams would forsake the city for L.A. But the more than 800 team managers and players, civic leaders, and fans who packed the room for a “testimonial dinner” had no inkling (save, perhaps, for owner Daniel F. Reeves and general manager Charles “Chile” Walsh) of the future that awaited the team in the West. All they knew was that in four days the Rams would meet the Washington Redskins for the 1945 NFL championship. Head coach Adam Walsh, older brother of Chile, assured the raucous assembly that his players would be ready to play even if they had to play on “skates, skis, or sleds!”

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